The TV is a box that millons of people tune into every day, we all deny it but we all do it at some point (to watch some Romeo and Juliet style soap), news of the day or the failings of someone, the TV has become a way of life.

vacanzy television rota

Today we invite you to change channels and let yourself be captivated by a selection of the best views in Fuerteventura, hipnotized by its beauty at any point of the day.

#1 Isla de lobos from any corner of Corralejo.

A streetlight and a glass of wine, a walk on the shore, an intimate fish dinner for 2, any excuse is a good one to enjoy the view.

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#2 El Faro del Cotillo from any lost bay.

The Cotillo lighthouse with its red and white stripes, imposing and inspiring. Find your corner in one of the small bays and enjoy this giant.

Vacanzy faro de El Cotillo


#3 El valle de Santa Inés from the aboriginal viewpoint.

This recent viewpoint lets you enjoy the landscape between plains and clouds. Two guards greet visitors, inviting them to visit the small village of Valle Santa Ines with its noble and peaceful essence.

Vacanzy GuiseYAyose


#4 La playa de Ajuy from the top of the village.

Ajuy is a jewel, the brightest gemstone in the crown. People make the mistake of visiting early and so miss probably the best sunset of the island. At the top of the small village is a small tearoom “Puesta de Sol” that invites you to sit on the terrace and enjoy the show.

vacanzy ajuy

 #5 Cofete

There are no words to describe the feeling of vertigo and freedom that is felt here. The volcanic landscape rolling out to the sea will leave you speachless. There is nothing more to say – let your eyes make their own judgement.


vacanzy cofete