Terms & Conditions

The system

The vacanzycollection.com Internet booking system allows reservations to be made in real time for the properties managed by LAGUN, for any date of the year, in accordance with the following established terms and conditions.

Therefore, it is necessary to send an e-mail with the request for the required dates. At that point LAGUN will respond to the request informing of the availability or not of the dates and possible alternative dates.

In the event of payment of the reservation by credit card, it is essential to provide the card number and if requested, the associated security code, to confirm and guarantee the booking, along with a contact telephone number and an e-mail address, for sending any notification regarding the status of the reservations.

All prices and promotional offers are subject to the sale conditions published for each one of them, which can be checked on the LAGUN website: www.vacanzycollection.com

The prices available on the web page already include the IGIC (General Canary Island tax) 7% in the current rate.


The website employs information security techniques which are generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms. This all has the aim of preventing unauthorised access of data. In order to achieve this, the user/customer accepts that the provider may obtain data for the purpose of the corresponding authentication of the access controls. Any contracting process or procedure which involves the entering of personal details (health, ideology etc.) shall always be transmitted using a secure communications protocol (HTTPS://) so that no third party may gain access to the information transmitted electronically.


The occupancy in each property will be a minimum of 1 person and the maximum which each property’s advert indicates as a general rule.

In special cases, you can increase the standard occupancy and to do this you will have to make the enquiry in advance and wait for written confirmation. Babies up to 2 years old do not incur any additional charge.

It is prohibited to accommodate more people in the rented property than the maximum number of people permitted.
Likewise, no parties of any kind are permitted if they have not been agreed beforehand with LAGUN.


30% of the reservation’s total amount will be required by way of guarantee to confirm the reservation. The system establishes this as provision before arrival for the preparation and setting up costs of the properties and their specific facilities.

Only one property can be reserved per transaction. The minimum stay is 3 (three) nights.

Booking confirmation

The system will provide you with the details of the reservation made along with a reservation number, which should be used for any operation or communication.

LAGUN will send an e-mail with the details of the reservation made along with a reservation number, which should be used for any operation or communication with the customer.

The booking confirmation will be subject to the approval of data relating to the credit card or, if necessary, to the receipt of the transfer. If in a period of 3 (three) days the provisional booking is not confirmed, this provisional booking will be cancelled.

In the event of booking confirmations made by bank transfer, they shall be provisionally pending until the definitive transfer is received in the LAGUN account within a period of 3 days.

The reservation’s validity will be detailed in the confirmation e-mail sent by LAGUN. The corresponding total amount of your stay will also appear in this confirmation e-mail.


The receipt of the booking reservation shall include the following payment procedures so that it may be finally approved:

  • Pre-payment of 30% once the booking is confirmed.
  • Payment of the pending 70%: this should be paid on your arrival.

    *This payment is to be made in cash if less than 500€.  If the outstanding amount is over 500€, this can be paid in cash or by credit/debit card.


  • On your arrival a credit card must be provided by way of a damage deposit. The amount of 250€ will be preauthorised to this card.


  • On your departure, if there is no damage in the property this amount will automatically be released.
  • However, if there is damage, the amount of the damage will be taken from the 250€ already preauthorised.

    If you don´t have a credit card, the amount of 250€ must be deposited in cash on your arrival. This amount will be refunded to you on your departure if there is no damage.

The charge for damage may be carried out up to a maximum of 3 days after the customers leaves and the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the charge.

Payment method

Please take note that LAGUN is not responsible for any bank charges that may arise. For payments with credit card (Master Card and Visa) LAGUN does not charge any additional fees.

If the payments are not carried out in accordance with booking confirmation rules, LAGUN can cancel the provisional booking and charge the corresponding cancellation costs.

Amendment and cancellation of booking and no show

It is possible to make amendments to an already confirmed booking regarding the arrival and departure dates on the chosen property in the selected fare (in accordance with those valid at the time of making the amendment), and regarding other booking details, provided that there is availability for the new booking conditions.

In the case of amendments which lower the total amount of the booking, the confirmation shall be validated when carrying out the check-in in reception.

No amendment can be carried out less than 10 working days before the date of arrival.

If the reservation is cancelled 60 days in advance, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded.

Obligatory cooperation

The paying guest should inform LAGUN immediately or as a maximum within 24 hours of any damage found, both in the building and to the furniture or equipment, so that the corresponding repairs may be carried out as soon as possible. Any complaints made subsequently may not be taken into account.

The paying guest is obliged to treat the rented property, its furniture and equipment with care and to inform LAGUN of any damage they may cause, bearing themselves the costs of the repair or replacement.

General points

  1. The carrying out of any transaction involves the full acceptance of the general terms and conditions.
  2. The terms and conditions are of general application, unless in some promotional offers where other terms and conditions of amendment, cancellation or refund are expressly outlined which are different to the previous ones.
  3. The prices listed include the taxes applicable by law on the date of publication. Any variation in the taxable items, bases and rates applicable will have an effect on the final price of the service, on the date that the service is provided.
  4. The prices listed do not include the taxes imposed on regional and local entities, which establish specific rates for stays in tourist accommodation located in their autonomous region. As a general rule the amount corresponding to these rates shall be settled directly by the customer before they leave the accommodation.
  5. You must have the minimum age of 18 years old to carry out any transaction. LAGUN reserves the right to demand the corresponding responsibilities for the improper use of this system or for the non-fulfilment of the standards covered in the general terms and conditions.
  6. The user will be solely responsible for the defective, partial and incorrect use or in the case that someone acts in their name or on their own account, using the procedures and their password.
  7. The material contained on the LAGUN website is copyrighted property of LAGUN. Access to the website does not entail any licence for its reproduction and/or distribution, which is not permitted without written consent from LAGUN.
  8. For future disputes that may arise, the parties, expressly waive any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them and submit to the courts and tribunals of Fuerteventura.
  9. LAGUN is not responsible for the disruption, inaccessibility or error of any other kind that the system’s operation may undergo, a consequence which may arise in any telecommunication service or other charges not connected to this entity and necessary for the functioning thereof.