Fuerteventura is much more than coast, beaches, good temperature, blue waters and surfing or diving. Fuerteventura has interior landscapes to discover that can offer tourists a beautiful surprise, red & brown landscapes, semi-desert vibes with a special beauty, such as the Esquinzo plain.

In the middle of this plain of tiled tones, the main character, the sacred mountain of TINDAYA which translates into “Big Mountain” in the language of those who lived here for centuries.

The mountain rises just over 400 meters from sea level, and about 200 from the plain and although it does not seem much, the mountain, alone, reigning on a plain, with its perfect pyramid shape, seems gigantic, crown of this part of the island.

But Tindaya, for locals, has always been a special mountain, a sacred mountain where we can find rock carvings from the pre-hispanics that habitats the island, over 300 foot-shaped engravings (podoforms). These were carved into the rock by the ancestors that inhabited these lands. These have a meaning, they are not there to be, they have been placed in places, where you can step on where these figures of feet meet and look at what they were watching, which coincides with important parts of the other islands, geographical accidents of the sister islands like Mount Teide in Tenerife or the peak of Nieves, the highest peak in Gran Canaria. It is believed that they used it as an Astral Clock, using all astros they could see from there.

For centuries, this mountain was also known as the mountain of the witches, origin of many legends and where they built an Hermitage in the early 18th century.

With all this, we just want to inform that on your vacation in Fuerteventura, you have much more to enjoy than the beach, and from Vacanzy Collection, we invite you to make other  more cultural plans as a guided tour of our sacred mountain of TINDAYA, since you can only access it with permission and  a local guide.

Discover what ancestors thought, did and admired.

In Vacanzy Collection, in addition to offering you the best lodging solutions, with our unique offer of apartments, rental villas with private pools and our Boutique Hotel, we like to offer you a unique experience on the island and we would  like to recommend this visit for your vacation to all those who have a more cultural interest and profile, and from our accommodations it takes minutes to get there, since Tindaya is around 7km from la Oliva area.