“Out of the water, I´m nobody” – Duke Kahanamoku

Learn to swim….

One of the most difficult and most successful parts of our childhood. The beach attracts us from the first moment we see the immensity of the sea. We quickly learn to stay afloat to be able to enjoy the ocean in all its splendor, without losing sight of these floating columns that we call waves. Funny or “treacherous” waves can put us under without notice, for that reason we must always remember the phrase that sailors continually repeat “Never turn your back on the sea”. To not get caught by surprise by a wave that turns you round like a washing machine, the ideal is to learn to dominate them.

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Fuerteventura is synonymous with SURF (and all that implies a link between you and a surf board, the wind and the sea as the backdrop). The waves here are addictive and the island boasts some of the best spots to practice this incredible sport.

In Corralejo the wind is constant, seasonality is not an impediment because the weather remains untouchable January to January. If we take out one day in which tourists can relax in the calm sea (while the surfers on the contrary, look completely bored) the rest of the year the weather will delight amateurs and professionals from all over the world. Our “micro-climate” has an ancient pact with the trade winds and therefore with SURF.

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Corralejo, 8:30am – any day of the year.

The sun rises and the side of the road along the beaches of the Dunas of Corralejo is plagued with unoccupied vehicles. Covered with surf boards, waiting impatiently for the “perfect moment”, someone close by will start the day, riding a wave. Bright eyes that scan the horizon and control the wind, “a perfect day to live in the water”. Climbing onto a surf board is synonymous with freedom, it is a therapy for the soul linked only to his own cult. Therefore, the physical and mental effort goes unnoticed against the capacity of enjoyment and concentration making you lose track of time. When the sun warns of its retirement for the day, a phrase echoes in your mind:
One more wave … just one more wave …

Our stunning geography lets us participate in the so called off-shore wind and soaks us with what surfers call “tubes”. The sea is arranged in series where the wall of the spectacular wave holds and creates a fantastic tube equivalent to a Christmas present for a surfer.


These crystalline waters with their seabed of untold wealth are home to the most important circuits worldwide. For this reason so many surfers choose Fuerteventura as their training base the rest of the year. The island becomes an obligatory stop on their agendas and for any surf lover who chooses to enjoy this magical sport.

We talk about surfing but we also include windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding etc … The family is divided, accompanied by the characteristic extras like kites or sails, that far from diminishing the attractiveness it intensifies the sensations that make each activity unique.


If you’ve never tried it, you have to experience it!

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This culture is lived both in and out of the water. The street in Corralejo, the beach walkways and the bars, live and breathe surf, mixing tourists with those who chat about wind direction, large waves or the shoreline but most of all, people who live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment.

It´s definitely a “way of life” that in Fuerteventura stretches from the north to the south.


 Surfing is amazing but rest is vital”, for this reason some of the rules for surfers who come to this paradise are: contemplate the landscape, stroll along the beach, come with friends, eat traditional food, relax in an amazing place, listen to good music and recharge your batteries to be able to repeat the experience the next day. A list of prerequisites that are necessary in order to complete the emotion that comes from getting on a surf board.