Fuerteventura offers many alternatives to the traditional holidays of sun and beach. Lots of tourists rent a villa in Fuerteventura for summer and they get surprised as the island has more than 250 km for hiking and enjoy the environment in a different way. In total, there are 21 hiking routes in Fuerteventura distributed throughout the entire island and the lovers of walks will be delighted with.

The ‘Red Insular de Senderos’ has marked and conditioning each of the roads for hikers. There hiking routes in Fuerteventura for everybody: long or small routes, local trails… , all depends on the physical condition, training and the plan that you have.

If you like hiking and want to spend your holidays in the open air and in full contact with the nature, when you are coming to Fuerteventura, there are three routes that you have to know and they are the following:



This path goes from Morro Jable to Pico de la Zaraza and is known as the route PR 54. It’s a journey of 7 km leading to the Pico de la Zarza, at 807 meters of high, the highest mountain in Fuerteventura.

The trial is well signposted and in perfect conditions, and the access is an easy task.

Views from the top are wonderful, and regarding to the plants, in Pico del Mocán and in its surrounding areas are concentrated almost all of the endemic plants of the island.


This another local route called FV-53 in the official guide of trials in Fuerteventura, goes from the town of Cardón to the sanctum of the ‘Virgen del Tanquito’. It’s just 4 km to go around easily.

The curiosity of this path absolutely recommend if you are traveling with children is the Cardón mountain that is full of legends and stories about the aboriginal population of the island. It’s known for being the Mahan’s tomb and it takes in the Archaeological Ensemble of the Castle and the Sanctuary of the ‘Virgen del Tanquito’.

Thanks to this all history, this route is walked by pilgrims every first Sundays of May, carrying the image of the virgin.

The sanctum is is carved into a cave and is full of pictures, candles and all kind of objects left by the faithful who arrive to this point.

If you have in mind to spend a day hiking in Fuerteventura in a relaxed way and with the company of friends and family, without any doubt, this is your route.


The third trial that we want to show you in this small guide is a bit longer than the previous, it has 18 km, and starts at the ‘Playa de Esquinzo’ and finishes at the ‘Barranco de la Cañada de Melián’. We are speaking about the trial called FV1.

Why make this route? Because you will find the most spectacular scenery of Fuerteventura.

Along the walk you will pass near the coast and places full of beautiful cliffs and idyllic coves. Some of the beaches are the ‘Playa del Águila’ and the ‘Playa del Castillo’.

These ones are just some of the lots of available hiking routes in Fuerteventura so we encourage that you know all of them. On holidays there is time for everything and the best plan is to mix the sun and the beach with comfortable walks to enjoy the best views of the island and be in total contact with the nature and to rest in someone of our incredible villas in Fuerteventura.