We´re at that time of year when we start to think about our desired summer holiday, one where we can escape from the daily routine and day dream about spending unforgettable long days in the sun. What about renting a villa in Fuerteventura for your summer holiday?

Maybe you are one of the ones that looks for your holiday a month before or even in the same month. According to statistics, only around 19% of people actually plan their holidays more than 6 months in advance. It seems that we´re not afraid of there being no spaces left but we should be realistic. The best option is to book in advance if we don´t want to have to settle with what´s left and at a higher price.

Playa de Corralejo villa in Fuerteventura

The summer months are when the prices of accommodation and flights are much higher than the rest of the year, especially if you are looking at a popular beach resort in Europe. July and August are always the first months to get booked up for sun and beach destinations.

Choose the holiday that you want, there´s more available now

Experienced travellers book their summer holidays as early as possible, not only to benefit from the best prices but to have the opportunity to book their first choice (dates and accommodation) and also to plan the activities that they would like to do during their holiday.

But don´t be discouraged. If you are thinking of visiting the amazing island of Fuerteventura this summer, you still have time to look in detail at the wide range of villas and apartments that are available with Vacanzy Collection.

Villa in Fuerteventura

Villa Oliva, Corralejo

You can choose one that catches your eye for its location, size, price, amenities it offers (pool, jacuzzi, bbq, sea views) or even for its style and design. At the moment there are a wide range of possibilities, don´t let them pass you by.

Book a villa in Fuerteventura and enjoy a fantastic summer holiday

Renting a villa in Fuerteventura is a very good option for those that seek tranquility, comfort and to disconnect while enjoying adventures, water sports, the best beaches and a privileged climate with great food and incredible landscapes.

Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the Canaries. With its impressive white sand dunes of the Corralejo Natural Park and its fantastic and kilometric beaches of white sand at the Caleta de Marrajo, Lobos island or La Concha, this island is a perfect choice for your summer holiday.

Villa in Fuerteventura

Villa Nature, Corralejo

So, should I book my summer holiday now?

Without a doubt. The key to getting a good price on accommodation and flight (you can save up to 25%) as well as getting the dates you want, is to book in advance. This always guarantees being able to choose with peace of mind. The most attractive destinations are the most in demand so anticipating the demand is key.

If you don´t need to plan and are flexible with your dates, you can try your luck and wait to see if there are any last minute offers but this is not something that happens in such high demand sun and beach resorts like Fuerteventura in the summer.

So, now is the time to start looking in order to find the best opportunities for that summer holiday at the best price. Don´t miss out on your dream to spend a fantastic summer holiday in a villa in Fuerteventura.