Who hasn´t experienced the need to get up at 7am in order to reserve the best spot on the beach?  With almost 80km of beach in Fuerteventura you can relax knowing that even if you get to the beach around lunchtime, you´ll still find a quiet spot.

To help you decide which beach to visit, here are a few suggestions of some of the well known and best beaches on the north of the island (click on the maps to see the exact location):

1.Caleta del Marrajo

North of El Cotillo you can find various beaches with white sand and turquoise waters inbetween the lava remains – a unique setting.

Caleta del marrajo cotillo fuerteventura

playa cotillo fuerteventura

2. Playa del Moro (Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo).

Surf Fuerteventura

Just before leaving the fantastic Dunes of Corralejo on your way to Puerto del Rosario, you will see car parking spaces on the left hand side – one of the jewels in this incredible natural area.

playa - del moro corralejo fuerteventura            playa del moro corralejo fuerteventura

3. El Aljibe de la cueva.

To the south of El Cotillo, interspersed with high cliffs, these beautiful beaches offer the perfect opportunity to take some spectacular photos of the waves crashing in to shore.

El aljibe de la abuela cotillo fuerteventura             playa del aljibe de la cueva cotillo fuerteventura

 4.El Charcón.  Surf Fuerteventura

This is just one example of the many small bays with crystal clear waters that you can find by following the path from Corralejo to the Toston lighthouse passing by Majanicho. We highly recommended taking a bike trip along the entire coastline.

playa del charcon cotillo fuerteventura          Plala del charcon cotillo fuerteventura

5.Playa del Esquinzo. Surf Fuerteventura

Beautiful beach south of El Cotillo with fantastic views from the top of the cliffs.

Playa del esquinazo Fuerteventura      Playa esquinazo fuerteventura

6. Piedra playa. Surf Fuerteventura  kite surf fuerteventura Windsurf Fuerteventura

One of the best beaches to enjoy all types of water sports in a beautiful surrounding.

Piedra - playa fuerteventura         piedra playa Fuerteventura

 7. Playa de la Concha. Isla de lobos

With boats and excursions scheduled each day, don´t miss the opporunity to visit this protected natual sanctury.

Playa de la concha isla de lobos fuerteventura       Playa de la Concha Isla de lobos Fuerteventura


That are some of our suggestions, but you have infinity of idyllic beaches in Fuerteventura for choose, so don´t wait a minute for choose your best one.


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