First settlements.

If there is a definition for Corralejo it should be that of a crossroads between two islands that could practically be considered as one, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Although these two lands have been capriciously separated by the ocean, both share the same foundations underneath. From the beginning of the 15th century Corralejo became a meeting point when the Norman adventurer Jean de Bethencourt and his men arrived at the island, taking the sunny beaches and tranquil waters as the entrance gate to the products of the neighbouring island, such as salted fish, camels, goats, sweet potato, firewood and so on.

Gradually and with this coming and going of sailors, small and humble fishermen’s huts were built, made of dry stone adjacent to humble goat pens (corrals) which over time would lead to the well known name of  Corralejo being given to the whole region. Over the years this bustle of maritime crossings accommodated more settlers and personal stories. Under each rock and stone of Corralejo hides a multitude of stories of hardships, longings and joy of those sea dogs.

Corralejo Fuerteventura 1

In the 18th century many families of Lanzarote fishermen, fleeing from the frequent volcanic eruptions, settled permanently in the north of the island,  which brought inland settlers of Fuerteventura closer to the coast. This turned into a development in construction which gave rise to more comfortable houses than the old shacks or caves that had served as temporary shelters in the beginning. In this way, Corralejo established itself as an important town in the north of the island, coming up to modern times where the tourist industry has replaced the traditional one.

New times, new opportunities.

In the port of Corralejo large shipping companies were set up which brought the two islands closer with transportation of people and vehicles, which accelerated the creation of businesses. The old family houses of the fishermen were renovated and transformed into restaurants and shops to meet the needs of the increasingly large arrival of tourists to the region. This caused an increase in the population, to the point of reaching 18,000 inhabitants and developing the extensive network of services it has today.

Fuerteventura Corralejo

In addition to the tourist industry, other important industries in the town of La Oliva, to which Corralejo belongs, keep adding value to the area. Majorero cheese is the best known product of the region. It is a high quality cheese and has a great taste due to the large number of goats and pastures available. On the island there are around 16 dairies which can label their product under the designation of origin Queso Majorero (Majorero cheese), including brands such as Maxorata or the Pastor Isleño which you can

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