Different, inhospitable, isolated, unique……..just some of the words that could be used to describe Isla de Lobos. This huge rock (almost 5km2) carefully separated from Fuerteventura, gives us some great ideas to pass some sun filled hours. Hundreds of people visit it each day just to get to know it – walking or cycling round the island, its beaches and tucked away bays, the chance to enjoy the best paella and fresh fish – there are lots of reasons not to miss this opportunity. How to reach Isla de Lobos


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Situated in the Bocaina straight between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, Isla de Lobos is a prime witness to the evolution of its neighbouring islands. Its name is due to its past habitants, sealions. Decades ago, the fishermen of the area, believing that the sealions were depleting the fish stocks, virtually got rid of them all. Currently, efforts are being made to try and  reintroduce them and the whole island is now a protected Natural Park, a sanctuary of plant species (over 130) and animals (such as bustards and various species of gulls).

What to do in Isla de Lobos.

The main highlight of this island is its stunning seabed full of fish. It ´s a prime location for snorkeling and scuba diving and there are scheduled activities with the best guides and professionals to get the most from this unique setting.  Contact here for make your diving and snorkel booking

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Isla de Lobos is synonymous with fun.  A Surfers Temple as it is well known for its “right-hand wave” at the base of La Caldera (the most characteristic rocky elevation of the island). There is daily transport used by both tourists and a great number of the local residents, descendants of the ancient lighthouse keeper. They manage a local small restaurant that delights hungry visitors after a morning of walking or cycling along the delimited paths that crisscross the island. There is also a camping area if you fancy spending the night, highly recommended in the summer months.

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There are some well priced tours that combine different activities. Imagine a catamaran trip where you can get to know the island, submerge yourself in the clear waters and get to see firsthand the amazing sea life, go out on a kayak, fish or practice one of the most up and coming water sports in recent years – stand up paddle (SUP).  Contact here for make your catamaran booking with time enough.




Desde Villas-Apartamentos os recomendamos y os asesoramos para que no os perdáis esta visita, no todos los días se tiene la oportunidad de perderse en una isla semidesierta. No lo dudéis, si la climatología acompaña no podéis dejar de faltar a vuestra cita con Lobos.



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