How many times before vacations did you think and think about which accommodation option is best for your needs? Villa, apartment, hotel complex, a small charming hotel, what suits me best?

When we start the preps we all think about confort and for that, the apartment options is better, we have more space, but on the other side we do not have a complete house and in addition, you do what you want, you are independent, no schedules, etc. but you have to cook, clean the house, scrubbing, making beds, etc. Another option is a Villa, unique space, private pool, but the same disadvantages as the apartment, work and more work in addition to a much higher price.

For those of us who like to disconnect, we think directly of a hotel, where you don’t have to worry about anything, room ready, breakfast ready, usually a restaurant or buffet with acceptable menus for all our tastes and they make us the bed, every day! Sounds good yeah? But it also has a side that we do not like so much, a vacation hotel, that impersonal place, like a factory of rooms, large corridors, all the same, noise in the pool, children running in the dining room, etc. It transmits us little, close to nothing.

For this reason, we consider the most fashionable option for young travelers, the Boutique Hotel, a place where you can count on all the comforts of a hotel, but also looks good on Instagram, ha! Jokes outisde, it is a hotel, but it is small, they are usually much quieter, they have identity, charm, people in the reception is. nice, they recommend you in which small local restaurant serve the best dishes or where to have a beer away from the bustle of mass tourism.

Boutique hotels were born in the 80s, in those cities that were looking for a more cultural tourism and that tourism was looking for that, some culture in return.  An intimate, unconventional place that can provide you with that romanticism of those luxury accommodations of previous centuries.

They usually have few rooms, a very strong identity, normally they arose in old buildings and they usually stand out for their personalized attention, atmosphere and unique style. In a boutique hotel they want you to feel at home, but without worrying about cleaning or cooking.

If you are looking for quality accommodation, a unique character, intimate atmosphere and being treated in a special way, at Vacanzy Collection, we have the best option for your stay in Fuerteventura. Our newly opened Boutique Hotel for adults only in the center of Corralejo.