Adults only, a concept that is perceived by many as not so natural, even an insult for some. Most wrongly relate this concept with some sexual oriented activity, with nudism or other things that we are not intending to talk about.

Only for adults, no children allowed. Kids are fantastic, but many adult couples without children, want to access to an offer, in this case, hotels, where the services offered are on one hand oriented to the adult population , and on the other hand they want to have breakfast without hearing children screaming around, or chilling in the pool without children jumping and splashing water around, because in the end, a child is a child, we all been there and for that reason sometimes we want to rest from them, just ask parents.

Have you ever dreamt with a romantic escape? Just you & her, the sunset, a balinese bed, a glass of Italian wine, music in the background, low volume because you can still hear the waves breaking, sounds good , doesn’t it? Now imagine this with kids playing around… Its just about that, we don’t want to exclude children, we just want to optimize our offer for an audience that need to rest, because resting is more needed everyday and you have worked so hard to pay your dream vacations here, and all of our resources are here, just for you and for her.

Why should couples without kids pay for resources that they will never use, the swing park converted into a balinese bed area, the animation for kids turned into an spa & massage area, no kids menu, but healthcare products to age better, a cradle in the room, don’t you prefer a Hot tub?

At Vacanzy Collection we understand this, and for that we have opened this year our “Adults Only” Hotel Boutique. In our accommodation offer in Fuerteventura, the paradise of the Canary islands, we have fantastic apartments for families, including houses with private pool that large families can rent to enjoy a retreat in this paradise and from this summer we are also offering something for you, adults.

Holidays are something importante in life, and we wanted to meet your requirements for a perfect vacation in our beautiful Hotel Boutique, so your dream can come true.