The Canary Islands, that archipelago known for having warm temperatures throughout all the year, being the place where vacations never end, living an hour behind the rest of the Spain, having a volcanic morphology and spectacular beaches, its also known for being a paradise for one specific sports in one of the islands, KiteSurfing!

FuerteVentura, the oldest island of the Canaries, is also the windiest , being that a unique characteristic in the Canary Islands, becoming a paradise for Kitesurf and Windsurf lovers. This sport has been growing vertiginously for nearly 2 decades, and the people that practice it are counted by tens of thousands around the world. These crazy fans of the sport of the wind, mark the best beaches of the planet to visit whenever they can and practice this exciting sport.

Fuerteventura also offers the visitors some of the best beaches of the archipelago, where you can find paradises of different characteristics like Las Dunas de Corralejo, more similar to a natural landscape of the Sahara desert than to the rest of the Canary Islands, where its golden colored sand and turquoise waters will make you fall in love.

So now, you know, if you are a Kitesurf lover, you have to come to Fuerteventura to spend some time that you won’t forget. You can practice your favorite sport the 12 months of the year, while relaxing on the best beaches, getting lost in the more special corners of the island and have fun in the best pubs, bars and taste its cuisine in the local restaurants.

From Vacanzy Collection, we have the best offers to fit your needs on this island, we have Houses and apartments for rent, as well as our newly opened Boutique Hotel in Corralejo, the most charming town on the island, with new double rooms, in the town center and only 5 minutes by car from Las Dunas Beach. After practicing your favorite sport, you can go up to our Roof Top Bar Vacana, have a cocktail while enjoying our whirlpool and watch the sunset with unbeatable views.