Progressively, gastronomy is occupying a more important place in our holiday experience. Surprising yourself with the typical gastronomy of the place you´re visiting, is a pleasant way to get to know even better the tourist destination.

Fuerteventura offers a gastronomy majorera that brightens the palates of the visitors to this wonderful island. Here are just some of the local restaurants that can´t be missed in the picturesque town of Corralejo …

The picturesque and charming fishing village of Corralejo, besides offering some of the most incredible white sandy beaches in Europe, unforgettable natural landscapes and many opportunities to practice water sports at an ideal temperature, is a place where a great variety of cultures mix meaning that you can find restaurants of all kinds (from tapas and Majorera gastronomy to Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian or British restaurants) offering the best cuisine of each country.

As for the Majorera gastronomy, named for the term ‘majo’ that comes from the primitive inhabitants of Fuerteventura, just as in the rest of the islands that make up the Canarian archipelago, fish and seafood are the protagonists in the most representative dishes, as well as other products that are obtained from local agriculture and livestock such as the well-known wrinkled potatoes (papas arrugadas), the famous Majorero cheese (with denomination of Origin Queso Majorero since 1996 that is usually served as an accompaniment to other dishes), the mojo picón or the goats meat.

Gastronomy Majorera

Among the many dishes of the Majorera gastronomy we would highlight the goats stew (vegetable stew with broth and goats meat), sancocho (a typical Majorero dish made with salted fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mojo picón and gofio) and delicious desserts such as sweet gofio.

Whichever restaurant you choose, the offer of local food restaurants in Corralejo is many and your choice will not disappoint you as the level of the restaurants that offer Majorera gastronomy is high. If you´re still not sure where to eat something traditional in Corralejo, here are some of the restaurants that, in our opinion, you shouldn´t miss.

Where to eat in Corralejo:

  • Gregorio El Pescador (Calle la Iglesia, 11) – Located in the old town of the so called Little Italy of Corralejo. Here you will find the best fresh fish of Corralejo, an excellent octopus stew, limpets, squid and “viejitas a la espalda”.
  • Toro Beach (Calle la Red, 8) – Located on the beachfront overlooking the Isla de Lobos. You can enjoy the incredible sunset views while dining. Good atmosphere, live music some nights and good value for money with a great selection of meat and fish.
  • Tapas Oscar (Calle La Iglesia, 17) – Also located in the old town, this is an ideal place to enjoy Canarian cuisine and tapas in a cosy atmosphere. There is also a large variety of Canarian cheeses on offer. Without doubt, a must in Corralejo.
  • Toro Bravo ( Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, 22) – Located on Corralejo´s main street and with good views, you will enjoy a very good atmosphere and service. Wide variety of choice and good value for money.

Don´t miss out on the chance to discover the Majorera gastronomy during your holiday in Fuerteventura – enjoy!!!