The beaches of Fuerteventura are considered the best of Spain due to its Sahara sand but also have some of the best diving & snorkeling spots of the country in the more than 350 km of coast and its underwater world that is relatively intact. In Fuerteventura we can find underwater volcanic landscapes, large canyons and rock formations, coral reefs and ancient sunken vessels.

Fuerteventura has around 390 marine species in its waters and visibility of about 30 meters away, make it possibly the best place for practicing water sports on the Canary Islands.

For those who want to come to discover the island and enjoy a beautiful dive during their vacations in the Canary Islands, we have a list of the best places to practice it  while you stay in Fuerteventura:

Las Anclas – Just 2 miles  offshore from the beaches of Corralejo, named because of the large anchors found on its seabed. Here you can dive with all kinds of species like big groupers, sea turtles,  Canarian lobsters, etc.

Isla de Lobos- This protected natural reserve since 1982 is known for its high visibility and the volcanic landscape where you can find from mackerel benches, barracudas, some species of rays and hammerhead fish.

El Marrajo – A coral reef with a maximum depth of 14 meters, a beautiful dive with for all levels.

El Queso – Famous dive through caves and underwater tunnels. Ideal for underwater photography. The presence of a guide who knows the caves and passages is required to avoid going through dangerous places.

El Bajón del Rio – Diving for all levels, a landscape of white sand dotted with large rocks where we can find a great diversity of marine species, being able to hopefully meet some local sharks.  Watch out for the currents.

The canyons – Rock walls of about 20 meters deep. Home of different species of rays and angel sharks, and Morenas looking at you from the cavities of the rocks.

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