We finally copped with the September slope, October is coming to an end now, the weather has changed and we begin to move towards the winter months, it seems that everything is lost until the following summer, but hell no, unless this is what you want.

Winter has a lot to offer, like finding a small getaway to warmer climates and enjoy a few days of sun in the middle of the boring winter. In addition, these dates are considered low season, so you can have a dream vacation at much lower prices.

In the Canary Islands, with a subtropical climate you can find a small paradise to convert your winter vacation into a summer experience. By the African coast, the Canary Islands have warm weather throughout all the year, where you can enjoy swimming in warm waters and a few days of beach to help you recover that tan that you are missing that much.

In Vacanzy Collection, specialists in offering you the best accommodation options in Fuerteventura, the treasure of the Canary Islands, we have unbeatable prices for your holiday in this winter. We have rental apartments, Villas and Houses for you  to enjoy some days with your family that you will never forget or if you prefer a more intimate experience with your partner, you can stay in our newly opened Hotel, The Vacanzy Urban Hotel Boutique, for adults only.

Whatever your needs are, at Vacanzy Collection we have the best accommodations for your vacation on the unique island of the Canary archipelago that is a  Unesco Biosphere Nature Reserve, with spectacular waters and dream beaches.

Come on, turn your Winter into a dream Summer.