What do you remember most about a place when you get home?


When we come back from holidays we all get post holiday blues. We wake in the middle of

the night thinking that we can hear the sea, the world seems boring, we start searching on

the internet for our next destination, we keep looking at our holiday photos, we post photos

with the hashtag #memories and sad faces that reflect our mood while looking at our diaries,

full of months of work, seeing how far away it is until we can next have a happy pre-holiday face.


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Holidays form part of our life, just like breakfasts in pjs, weekend films, reading a

book by a bedside light. Little pleasures that make us happy and add some enjoyment

into our daily routine. All of these things have various points in common, one of them

being the privacy of those intimate moments. Why not transfer that privacy to our

holidays by choosing a private villa? A private villa allows you to enjoy the privacy

similar to your own home but away from the daily routine, work, etc, allowing you

to return to it all with a renewed energy.


Coral bay room


You´ve probably been in hotels and resorts with room service that interrupts you each

day while if you are in a private villa you can spend the day in the clothes you were born

in or in pjs, without having to worry about someone coming in without warning. You

can wake up at the time you want to with no other noise except the sound of the sea.

Hotels are great but having your own bbq in your garden with your own pool at the

side of the sea with sea views…that´s a different matter. The joy of trying out different

restaurants each day can´t be compared with the daily buffet of a hotel. Think about it.

Fuerteventura is an ideal island to rent a house for various reasons, the 2 main ones

being that there are many to choose from and it is cheaper than a hotel.
If you are holidaying with friends you can split the cost and you can enjoy everything

together with no set hours imposed on you. If you are holidaying together as a family,

imagine being able to keep an eye on the kids enjoying the pool while you chill out

reading a book on the sofa, no need to hunt for them amongst all the other kids.

Or enjoy a glass of a good wine under the stars while they are sleeping safely close by.

With a villa you have all the benefits and the saving will allow you to get to try the wide

range of restaurants to add to your repertoire of experiences.


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Probably the best advantage of renting a villa is the privacy. You may well have

neighbours around you but you will have your own villa in paradise for a few days

or weeks, less people and more tranquillity and if we add the views and the closeness to the sea,

we get a winning combination for the perfect holiday that we all dream off.

The type of traveller who chooses a private villa is more independent. In a private villa

there isn´t a 24 hour service on site nor programmed activities like there are in a hotel.

However we believe that this is the best part of the holiday, working out the schedule.

Let´s be honest, isn´t it much better the surprises, beaches that don´t appear on maps,

buying fish directly from the port, chatting with the people that you meet in the street,

finding those small traditional markets and watching the sun set? Isn´t it better to just

live it rather than have someone else organise it for you? Be a devil, leave your watch on

the bedside table. We can always recommend excursions and activities whenever you like

as well as giving you some tips on the best kept secrets of the island. One thing´s for sure,

if you want to see the real Fuerteventura, a car is a must to get round the island and get the

most out of your holiday.


Are you prepared to fall in love with the privacy of a villa?

We warn you, once you try it, you won’t want to go back to a hotel.


If you have any questions or queries about Vacanzy Collection Fuerteventura,

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