Fuerteventura is the best place ever to spend a perfect holidays at any time of the year. It has blue water beaches and a breathtaking scenery with lots of tourist routes that make the island has plans for everybody.

Regarding to the accommodation, nothing better than to rent one of the apartments available in Corralejo, the main village of Fuerteventura and very close to the places with a ‘must’ visit. Corralejo is a very popular site and has a great movement. Itself offers a wide range of activities to do the whole family together like water sports, shopping, leisure, restaurants… ¡you find all you need!

Being back to the main tourist routes which you can’t miss out during your holidays in Fuerteventura, put this post handly on your mobile phone or tablet when traveling to the island because we have made up a complete list of viewpoints, picturesque lands and wild areas that you will love all of them.

Cool beaches in Fuerteventura

Barlovento Beach: with more than 10 km, it is one of the largest beaches of Fuerteventura and shares the space with another beach that we will speak about later, Cofete. It is located in the Jandía Península, and if you want to scape the crowds, this is your ideal place to sunbath and swim almost you alone because surroundings areas are not urbanized and there is not too much people around.

Cofete Beach: we have already said that this beach and the last one share their space, just are separated by a rock. It is characterized by its ‘braves’ waters because of the strong winds. For this reason, it is the favorite beach for people who practise sailing sports and surfing.

Costa Calma Beach: this beach is the opposite point to the Cofete Beach. Like its name suggests, its waters are very calm and is one of the most popular because of its high levels of health and because is really near to the centre of Risco del Gato, on the south side of Fuerteventura.

La Pared Beach: just a few minutes away from Barlovento we find this little but cool beach surrounded by cliffs. Access can be a bit hard but definitely worth it to have a fantastic time walking throught it golden sand away from the crowds and noises.

Natural parks with cute landscapes

Natural Park of Jandía: this natural park is located in the local area of Pájara and is perfect for hiking with family and friends with a wonderful views over a unique landscapes. Getting to this point is very easy by public transport.

Natural park of Dunas of Corralejo: is there is a famous place in Fuerteventura, is this one, declared a Natural Park by the Autonomous Government 14 years ago. Its value is incalculable and serves as a refuge for hundreds of native birds of the Canary Islands. In fact, it has also been declared a Special Bird Protection Zone. You can see  white sand coasts and, at the same time, the cleanest and blue sea. From this point, on a clear day, you can see Lanzarote too.

Discovering the cultural part of Fuerteventura

molino fuerteventura

On holidays we have too much time and days are longer than usual, so always is a great idea to know the cultural side of the countries and cities which we are visiting.

In the case of Fuerteventura, there is one person of the literary field who has left his mark. This person is Miguel de Unamuno, who spent several years in exile in this canary island, to be exact, in Puerto del Rosario. Unamuno lived in an old hotel that now has become a museum where we can see his belongings among other things.

On the other hand, the Ecomuseo La Alcogidas es a very curious place. It is located in a town well known as Tefía, and visitors can learn the lifestyle of the locals, who recreate everyday the daily typicals activities of the island.

Having fun with the little ones

Of course, if you are traveling on holidays with children, stop at the Oasis Park La Latija. And if you are without kids, too… ¡fun is guaranteed equally!

It is the most recommended park in Fuerteventura: shows, pools… It is in a town called with the same name, La Latija, very close to the Natural Park of Jandía. As you can see all amenities are at step door because of the island is very small. It is easy to reach the place by road and fares are affordable for all budgets.

And before to finish this list with the main tourist routes in Fuerteventura, we have to dedicate some lines to talk about one of the most popular viewpoints that provides the best views of the island: the viewpoint of Morro Velosa.

Once in this point, it’s time to take your camera and capture those pictures you will never forget of your trip to this beautiful destination.