The dunes of Corralejo are a protected area located in Fuerteventura. With more than 2,600 hectares, it is the largest area of the Canary archipelago and the dunes received the classification of Natural Park in 1994. It is a unique landscape and a must-see to make the most of your visit to Fuerteventura.

The dunes are located in the North of the island, in the town of La Oliva, a site that combines the services needed by civilization with the wonders created by nature. The area is located in the municipality of Corralejo and is one of the main tourist attractions of Corralejo together with its paradisiac beaches.

The dunes of Corralejo are the largest of the Canarian archipelago and are of organic origin. The place is set within the classification of Natural Spaces of the Canary Islands together with the Isla de Lobos. According to the European Economic Community both places are also areas of great ecological sensitivity, consequently the preservation of the ecological impact of the place is put under the microscope. To complete the formal listing, both the dunes and the island are areas of special protection for birds (ZEPA).

The dunes of Corralejo also represent a major scientific interest because of its good state of preservation, the great variety of birds and flora that can be contemplated and the existence of protected species under threat of extinction, as happening to the Androcymbium Gramineum Psammophilum.




The dunes of Corralejo: origins

These numerous accumulations of round shaped sand were formed by the disaggregation and atomisation of shells from shellfish and the skeleton of other marine organisms. The sedimentation of millions of shells of animals that live under the sea and that the currents have carried away to the northeast coast of Fuerteventura, has caused a succession of mounds of white and fine sand.


Flora and fauna

Between dune and dune, you can find an oasis of life; Not in shape of water, but in shape of a special flora, with species that you can only see in Fuerteventura. To get an idea, it is necessary to remember that the annual precipitation index is low, and soon there is hardly irrigation water for the plants. The humidity they receive is loaded with salt, because of its proximity to the sea, and the hours of light are more abundant than on other islands.

‘Junquillos’, ‘melosas’, ‘espinos de mar’ and ‘cebollines estrellados’ are some of the plant species that can be found in the area of Corralejo, some of them being difficult to find elsewhere.

Marine and terrestrial birds proliferate in wildlife, where the ‘Maxorata’, the sandgrouse, the ‘camineras’, the common kestrel or the pipit stands out. You have to be especially careful when visiting the dunes between January and May, since the birds make their nests during this period and shouldn’t be disturbed while working.


How to enjoy the dunes of Corralejo

This landscape is the closest thing to a desert and in fact you can remember the Sahara, next in straight line if you cross the sea. The island, whose maximum height does not reach the thousand meters of altitude, presents a profile of soft undulations, yellow and gold colors and arid spaces that suppose a gift for the view. Walking through the dunes of Corralejo is a pleasure for the senses.

The walk ends in beaches where the stocking density is very low, which will make you feel a kind of privacy difficult to find in a place as touristic as the Canary Islands. Taking a swim in turquoise waters or taking advantage of the wind to practice water sports are two of the best ideas there are to enjoy the dunes of Corralejo.

There is a path that crosses the entire dune enclave by the so-called Malpaís de Tía Seca. Eight kilometers of beach, where you can swim in crystal clear waters; While, at the other extreme, the limit is set by the Malpaís de la Montaña Roja, where irregular rocks of volcanic origin interrupt the walk of white sands in a manner worthy of photographing.

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