Every year during the month of February, the Canarian people take to the streets to celebrate the famous Canarian Carnival. Considered to be one of the best carnivals in the world, where joy, colour, music and the desire to have a good time, bring together children and adults to enjoy the magical and festive atmosphere that they have been waiting for all year.

Galas, murgas and mogollones

The Canarian Carnival is mainly characterized by the celebration of the galas of the queensof the —galas full of colour where the candidates for queens show off their fantastic costumes made up of feathers and sequins—, by the “comparsas” and “murgas” —groups of friends who sing songs generally criticizing politicians, etc, audacious and with a great sense of humor— and for the carnival in the street and the “mogollones” —that are the heart of the party when people take to the street to show off their disguise to the rhythm of the music.

Queen of the Canarian Carnival

Another of the most important events of the Canarian Carnival is the “Gran Coso Carnavalero”. This parade of floats, “comparsas” and “murgas” makes the party come alive in the streets and continues until dawn. There is no one who misses the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere accompanied by music and “comparsas”, with the queens of the carnival as the main protagonists.

The burial of the sardine, the goodbye to the Canarian Carnival

The last day of the Canarian Carnival is distinguished by the celebration of “the burial of the sardine” that symbolizes the end of Carnival. In a still festive atmosphere, people dress up, this time in black, and accompany the sardine to the tomb as a symbol of the end of the carnival.

During the two weeks of the carnival, the Canarians are carried away by the atmosphere of celebration of this spectacular event in which costumes, parades and floats are mixed with the good humor and audacity characteristic of the Canarian people.

Corralejo Carnival

In the town of Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura, the carnival will be celebrated this year from the 23rd of February until the 4th of March with the theme being “Retro Vintage”.  If you are thinking of going to see the long white sandy beaches of Fuerteventura, why not take advantage of the opportunity to discover one of the most deeply rooted Canarian traditions, the Canarian Carnival.

Corralejo, Photo by iamdmnk on Unsplash

Photo by iamdmnk on Unsplash

Don´t miss it, come and discover it and enjoy the party in the streets of Corralejo, wearing your best costume in the spring time weather, with excellent cuisine and wonderful beaches.

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