If you´re a cheese lover, then you´re in luck. One of the best products of Fuerteventura is its goat’s cheese. You´ll love its softness and creaminess; tender, semi-cured, cured, in salads, fried with honey or just on its own with a beer in the sun, you choose the time and place but you can´t come to Fuerteventura and not try it. We´re talking about an excellent quality cheese which is recognised worldwide.

The Majorero cheese denomination (Denominación de Origen Queso Majorero) has been recognised since the 6th of February 1996 and was the first goat´s cheese in Spain to receive this recognition. Putting aside the careful craftsmanship of the actual product, almost all the credit should go to the Fuerteventura goats, inhabitants of the island practically since time began. The Romans called Fuerteventura “Capraria” due to the amount of animals scattered across the land.

cabra majorera fuerteventura   Cabras-Jandia

Although there are other species of goats that produce more quantity, the quality of the protein and the fat of the milk from the Fuerteventura goats allow the cheese to be made with a smaller amount of milk. Its resistance and adaptability are also important factors. In the past 40 years great advances have been made in refining the genetic of these species but the enormous progress already made by the goat farmers of Fuerteventura more than 2500 years ago by selecting the best specimens for breeding, is quite amazing. It´s not surprising that some experts like Dr Juan Francisco Capote Alvarez of the Canarian Institute of Agrarian Research, affirm that the Fuerteventura goat is the best in the world for cheese making.

queso-majorero fuerteventura

In 2012 Majorero goats cheese won the best goats cheese with paprika in the world in the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (USA). In 2011, Fuerteventura won 13 awards in the international World Cheese Awards competition in Birmingham.

How it´s made.


In the following video you can learn a bit more about one of Fuerteventura´s main products.

Majorero cheese museum.

A visit to the Majorero Cheese Museum is a must to gain a better understanding of the history and development of something so deeply rooted in the food culture of Fuerteventura. As you come into Antigua you can´t miss it situated just before the large windmill. Check scheduls and contact cliking on the logo.

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museo-del-queso majorero fuerteventura



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