Last February the Board of Directors of the public body, Puertos Canarios, approved a list of tender conditions for the concession of the management and implementation of the Port of Corralejo. In other words, a new step forward has been taken for the start of the refurbishment and expansion of our flagship port. The aim of the project is to modernise maritime communications in the north of the island and to improve the comfort of all the passengers that use this method of transport to move between the islands as well as those who like to enjoy the best water activities in an idyllic natural environment.

Puerto corralejo fuerteventura

In 2013 the number of people who passed through this area was close to the million mark with more than 200,000 vehicles transported making the Port of Corralejo a regionally managed port with the highest number of travelers. This data together with the huge waiting list of boats requesting mooring has helped to make the local authorities get a move on to design and adapt the infrastructure to meet current demand.

Areas for improvement.

The current capacity of boats moored will increase from 215 to 665. The mooring areas of the 2 companies that have the local Fuerteventura-Lanzarote ferries will be improved, a fuel station (currently not available) will be created with private investment, the total area will increase to 6.4 hectars and, to top it off, a new dyke will be built in the north area which will almost triple the size of the current marina area. This last point is one of the key points because at the time of project design, the high landscape value of the area had to be taken into account and the height of any structure had to be limited to not take away any of the views of Lanzarote and Lobos from Corralejo.

 Puerto de Corralejo    ampliación puerto de corralejo fuerteventura

Corralejo with sustainable growth.

The budget is around 40 million euros but it is intended that many of these funds will be of private nature with a subsequent exploitation concession. While a project of this size will attract a large number of opportunities to the island, we would like to invite you to take into account the vast ecological wealth and great biodiversity that these waters harbour. At Villas – Apartamentos, we support any expected improvement in our area but always with guarantees that the real wealth in the north of the island will be preserved; its incomparable natural setting with the impressive Natural Park of Dunes and Lobos Island.

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For more information, you can download the pdf that Canarian Goverment have on their website.

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