Fuerteventura, in addition to its amazing landscapes and paradisiac beaches, has museums, viewpoints and very interesting places of special cultural interest to visit. If you want to enjoy a complete summer vacation in this Canary Island, there is nothing better than combining leisure and sea bathing with visits to the major Fuerteventura’s museums and cultural centers located in the most important locations.

All of them are very entertaining, so kids will have a great time while learning new things. It’s the ideal plan for the whole family!

Take advantage of the villas in Fuerteventura that are rented to tourists for holiday stays. Since they are fully equipped with everything you need, it feels like being home, and the kids have more freedom to play, run around in the garden with friends and cool down in the private pool.

The great location of this type of villas in Fuerteventura makes that the tourist attractions of the island are very close, like the following museums which we will list as a guide so that you won’t miss them.

Salt Museum and Cueva del Llano

The “Museo de la Sal de Fuerteventura”, located next to “Las Salinas de El Carmen”, is an interpretation center that offers information about the influence of salt and its use throughout history. Furthermore, it explains the work that was done in this salt flats which date back to the beginning of the 20th century and which are still used today for the production of salt.

The Cueva del Llano on the other hand is a volcanic tube that has gradually been undergoing filtrations of sediment over millions of years. There is a guided tour analyzing the geology of Fuerteventura. Besides, the cave is home to a sort of blind spider that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

Grain Museum La Cilla and the Village of La Atalayita

CASA DE LA CILLASeeing the almost desert-like landscape that predominates currently in Fuerteventura, it seems impossible that many years ago the island was known as the granary of the Canary Islands.

The grain museum La Cilla tells in detail the entire history and shows old images and instruments related to farming.

For its part, the little village of stone-built primitive homes in La Atalayita is a place where you can learn more about the excavations that were made in this area and the archeological remains that have been found over the years.

Viewpoint Morro Velosa and Molino de Antigua (Old Windmill)

MUSEO DEL MOLINOOne of the best panoramas of the center of the island of Fuerteventura and the village of Antigua is the one you can see from the viewpoint Morro Velosa, with free entrance, coffee and snacks.

The village of Antigua is also famous for its mill, which saves the machinery used for the production of roasted corn grains. Around the mill there is a garden with native plants, an exhibition center, a shop where handmade products are sold by artisans of the island and a cafeteria.

Ecomuseo La Alcogida and Archaeological Museum of Betancuria

ECOMUSEO LA ACOLGIDAThe Ecomuseum La Alcogida is a park that recreates a traditional farming village of Fuerteventura, with animals included. When you visit this village, you can walk through all the rooms of the house: one of wealthy people and another of humble peasants. There are artisans elaborating curious projects live. There is a possibility to taste a delicious and freshly made bread flavored with anise.

We finish this walk through the more cultural Fuerteventura at the Archaeological Museum of Betancuria, which contains Aboriginal archaeological fragments, mostly ceramics, but there are also bones and tools of every kind.