Fuerteventura is dressed in sand from north to south and east to west. Whatever your direction may be, you can be assured that you´ll find a beautiful beach.

In one way we can agree that having a prepared route so as not to get lost in the infinate rough tracks when the sun is at its hottest, is a good plan. The locals are lucky to have the best beaches in Europe (some are well guarded secrets and lovingly cared for). As we´d like you to get to some of the most beautiful and accesible beaches as easily as posible, here´s a list of what we consider to be the best in the north of the island.

Isla de Lobos, Corralejo and El Cotillo are not only all based in the north but also all have the same colour of sand, although each has its own history and distinct tones.

Isla de Lobos is a must see for everyone that visits Fuerteventura. It´s best to go early and spend the day visiting the small coves of turquoise waters, walking round the small island and eating in the only restaurant. The menu isn´t too complicated as there are only 2 choices – fresh fish or paella.

Fuerteventur, Isla de lobos

La playa del moro is the first beach that you see as you pass Montaña Roja and head into the Natural Park of Las Dunas, a fantastic landscape that will have you stopping to take photos.
El Cotillo is a mix of sensations and influencias. A fishing village with a bohemian atmosphere surrounded by coves to the right (El Marrajo and La Concha) and the long beaches to the left (Piedra Playa). The sunsets on this side of the island are amazing and the need to stop what you are doing and just sit and marvel at the colours and light will overcome you.

This is our selection, probably when you go looking for these ones, you´ll find others that you feel are more spectacular but what would a surprise be if you were given all the information beforehand? When you find “Your beach“, what will your face be like? We´ve all been there, now it´s your turn to live it, loose yourself in this quiet island and let Fuerteventura surprise you.

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