If you are coming to enjoy your vacations on the island with family or friends, this wind will also allow you to feel an incredible sense of freedom and life, the same feeling you will have when seeing flying kites on Fuerteventura’s blue sky. For both, the viewer as well as the one letting the comet fly, the dancing kites moved by the majorero wind (a typical warm wind on the Canary Islands) is mesmerizing because of the beauty and tranquility they transmit – perfect for your days off with your loved ones.

Fuerteventura is not only world famous for its white beaches and turquoise waters, but also for its favorable wind for all kinds of water sports while being wrapped up in a warm air current. Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing … there are many possibilities and many people opting for this Canary Island to test and practice their skills on the waves or to discover new activities and enjoy hours of adrenaline and fun.

kiteRaising a kite is an easy task with the help of the wind of Fuerteventura. The basic movements to achieve stability and balance in the air depend largely on the kite’s material (the tail or fringe for example plays an important role) and, of course, on the attempts made on the sand itself. Most likely it is not your first time since kite flying is one of the very common childhood games, but if you have never let a comet fly before, the experience of doing so in a setting like Fuerteventura will be unforgettable. Can you imagine to let a comet fly in one of the beautiful sunsets of the island? A dream that can become reality!

For decades there has been such passion for kite flying, that Fuerteventura hosts every year a meeting for professionals and individuals which has become a benchmark event: we talk about the International Kite Festival held in the Natural Park Dunas de Corralejo in the month of November. Thousands of “kiters” attend this meeting since 1987, the year it all began thanks to the initiative of a group of people interested in kite flying. Throughout the years and with each edition of the more and more people from different countries come to join the festival.


Usually on the beach Playa de la Concha of El Cotillo the visitor can enjoy an airshow of aerobatic and static kites, while the rest of the festival takes place in the dunes of Corralejo: maiden flight, various exhibitions with kites of different shapes and colors, children’s workshops (creative manufacturing and first steps for takeoff and landing), combats between rokkakus kites, as well as the closing and the handing over of the trophies to the winners.

From Vacanzy Collection we encourage you to take advantage of your summer vacation to improve your technique in kite flying this year in Fuerteventura while enjoying spectacular panoramic views. We are convinced that you will be so keen on repeating this experience that the international kite festival will be the perfect excuse to return. What do you think? A different summer and autumn on the island with a mild climate and a very pleasant meeting atmosphere. An irresistible plan!

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