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a lot to live inside and a lot to live outside.

To begin we’d like to show you the wonders that you can find on this unique Island.  An Island with over 150 km of white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Where you can discover enormous natural landscapes and experience the open character of its people and the best cuisine. A place where you can practice endless activities in the best conditions.
That paradise is Fuerteventura, the beach of the Canary Islands.

The following video shows you what awaits when you will arrive on this beautiful Island



Travel to Sahara desert staying at Fuerteventura.

In the North of Fuerteventura you will find variety of plans to disconnect from everything. What better way to do this than to cross the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo. It is worth to loose yourself in The Dunes where the sand of the Sahara arrives from over the ocean. You can enjoy the stretches of sand which are a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Parque natural de las dunas corralejo fuerteventura


Descubre el origen volcánico de Fuerteventura.

You can also discover the formation of this Island and its volcanic origin by visiting Cueva del Llano in the town of Villaverde. In it you walk through an underground lava tube of 648 m where you can find unique species of arachnids and paleontological remains of great ecological value.

volcanes fuerteventura cueva del llano

You have to discover the sanctuary of Isla de Lobos.

Another “must do” is to visit the Island of Lobos. If the weather conditions are good, there are departures every day all over the day for very low prices. This Island has a high valued landscape and many of its plant species are protected. The beach isone of the best in Fuerteventura. (Classification to be discussed in future posts). Do not miss to visit the small restaurant and taste the most delicious paella and fresh fish.

Isla de Lobos Corralejo Furteventura

Fuerteventura is a synonymous of adventure.

In the warmest seasons, Corralejo also offers you the possibility to enjoy a huge water park.
Hiking, cycling, activities as driving quads and, of course, watersports in one of the world temples of surf, are a just a few from the various activities that each year attracts millions to Fuerteventura.
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