Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands and it’s a truly paradise to enjoy the most incredible holidays that you ever could imagine. The whole island has itself a special charm, but Corralejo is one of the most visited points. It’s a town within the the county called La Oliva and it’s one of the main tourist sites on the North side of Fuerteventura.

There are lots of reasons to gain this title: large beaches with white and fine sand and more of 2.600 hectares of the Corralejo’s Nature Park -which have a kind of trees named ‘olivinos’ with very gemological interest-. Additionally, it’s the starting point for many boat trips to the famous ‘Isla de Lobos’ and, of course, Corralejo provides the better villas in Fuerteventura to rent or buy.

If you, after reading this short resume, already are looking forward to know so magical and paradisiacal places, don’t worry. Here we are telling you some tips to organize the best holidays ever of your life.

How to get to Corralejo?

As we said before, the county of La Oliva is on the North side of Fuerteventura, and you can get there by plane or by boat if you are traveling from another Canary Island.

Airport is at Puerto del Rosario, and is connecting with regular and low cost lines with the rest of airports of the most important European cities. Once in Fuerteventura, there are loads of companies to rent a car and drive to Corralejo. Or if you prefer you can catch the bus number 3 to go from the airport to the city centre, and then get the bus number 6 which goes directly to Corralejo.

By the sea, there are ferries coming to the port of Corralejo, one of the principal ports in Fuerteventura, linking this island with other ones like Lanzarote.

How to get around Corralejo?

It’s really easy to move from one side to another one of Corralejo, and see all and each of its tourist attractions. The town provides to the tourists buses with a good schedule and excellent links. Also the option of renting a car is one of the most chosen by visitors because is the best way not just to travel around Corralejo, if not around all the island too. Regarding to the taxis, they works really well and fees are reasonable.

Where to sleep in Corralejo?

If you are asking where to sleep once in Corralejo, here is the answer, because the town has a huge variety of houses, hotels apartments and the most luxurious villas of Fuerteventura.

There are accommodations for all planes and pockets. That you are a couple traveling you two only, there are wonderful apartments for just two people with views over the sea. That you are traveling with friends or with your family and children, no problem, the villas and big houses are perfect for your case. There are full equipped, spacious, have a cool decoration and most of them have garden and a private pool. And all with direct access to the beach or closeby, and also very near of the city centre where  are concentrated places for walks, shopping and leisure.

Helpful guides and maps of Corralejo

Have a look at these official guides and maps of Corralejos. They are really useful and a great help for you to get your travel ready and to discover the impressive sites located in the county of La Oliva. They are the following:

  1. Regular transport of Fuerteventura: routes, stops, timetables…
  2. Gastronomic Guide: know the tasty food of Fuerteventura.
  3. Ferry to the Isla de Lobos: all details to book and enjoy a trip to the Isla de Lobos..
  4. Street Map of La Oliva
  5. Map of Fuerteventura
  6. Street Map of Corralejo
  7. Guide to walk the main footpaths of La Oliva: volcanos, beaches, history and much more…

Don’t miss out the chance of consult them ( and to print or save on your tablet or mobile) because are very handy.

Now you have all the information you need to organize your ideal holidays in a beautiful destination. Enjoy a lot your days off and when you are back promise us to tell us how was the experience…, although we can already imagine it.